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All the UK crew were super impressed

E.P. : - Good morning,

A quick note to say a very big thank you to your team for all their hard work, humour and patience last week - I know the hours were generally exhausting and listening to hours of rehearsals and show must have been quite dull. 

David and Albert - spot on with mics and RF, Rob was super happy with them, made his job easy. 

David on projection - again, no fuss just got on with it, the projection looked grand. 

Hector - dry sense of humour, no dramas - didn't need to do much once rehearsals began which was a good thing! 

Martin - very patient, very good at his job - all the UK crew were super impressed - he was my man of the match. 

Albert in the foyer - fabulous chap with a grand sense of humour - another big thank you to him, the Client noticed his dedication to duty (!) 

It was also fantastic to see the usual suspects on the build/derig especially Eugenio - grand to see that you keep the same tight team as ever. 

Then a big thank you to you Craig for all your patience and speed turning things round in pre prod - at times I know it looked as though we in the UK had no idea what we wanted, we certainly didn't!  *** were super impressed with the finish of everything, the neat cabling was noted as was the condition of the kit, this is high praise indeed. 

Riad - sorry not to see you - a fine team they were last week, thank you as ever. 

If I have forgotten anyone, please send them my thanks also -  last week was a long time ago! 



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