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To have such engaged people, means that I think Dushow must be a good company to be a part of

I.H. : - I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how much I enjoyed working with your teams on the events within the *** programme.

I know that you must have had a sizable number of people working across the installations and removals, who I didn't really meet, but all of your operators that I had the pleasure to work with were all, without exception, superb.

I know that the presentations themselves are not the most complicated shows that any of us may do in a year, but the time frames and deadlines can be challenging.

All of your guys coped with the changes and the shifting scripts, rehearsals and speakers without ever once complaining.

To be surrounded by people each night who conducted themselves with great expertise and more importantly good humour, makes my job as a Caller a million time easier.

I would send my very appreciative thanks to David, Hector, Ignaci & Nico through you to them. It would be a great pleasure to work with any of them again at any point in the future.

To have such engaged people, means that I think Dushow must be a good company to be a part of, and must value its freelancers and employees highly.

And much of that must come from you.

Thank you as well for your good humour throughout the programme. I am certain that you must have been juggling closing jobs, and jobs to come after we exited, but never once did you give the impression that *** was not the most important concern at the time.

All my very best wishes for the festival season, and the rest of 2018.



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